More About Yadkin Christian Ministries (YCM)



 Yadkin Christian Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization, is here to help with the basic food requirements  of those who are in need. Each client family signs in at our office in either Yadkinville or East Bend, is interviewed to determine their need(s), and then directed to our food shopping areas. Food is available every 30 days for those who qualify for assistance.  Visit our main site to see Who We Serve.



The two offices of YCM, Yadkinville and East Bend, are supported by two paid staff personnel but the heart and soul of this ministry is through the many hours spent by our cadre of volunteers. Each day 7-12 volunteers serve in various roles including food procurement, client relationship and client shopping.

This ministry exists through the kindness and compassion expressed by the actions and words of our volunteers.



With the exception of a few small grants, our ministry is supported by our primary Partners and the thoughtful donations of individuals, churches and local companies. One the big areas of support come through the various fund- and food-raising events that happen each year. These events are publicized through local on-line calendars and Facebook.